Sunday, September 25, 2011

#66 – Last Night

(1998) Rated R for doomsday sex

Genre: Unusually upbeat apocalypse

Trend: Rose over 30 slots on my list

The plot:
Thirteen, twelve…
Take one last look at yourself
Eleven, ten…
Last-chance moments for all men
Nine, eight…
Swallow and accept our fate
Seven, six…
Set things right, attempt to fix
Five, four…
Love is knocking at the door
Three, two…
When all ends, who stands by you?
One, none...
Kiss the world goodnight, my son

So why is it on my list?

It’s about the end of the world.  For an unexplained reason (something to do with the sun, as nighttime is bright as day), the whole earth will cease to exist at midnight of a particular day.  Everyone in the world knows about it.  But how will they live in face of inevitable death?

It uses less to tell more.  The movie only follows a handful of characters… none of whom are scientists or politicians.  Instead, we have teachers and electricians.  The budget isn’t wasted on flashy special effects that would take away from the pathos.  In other words, Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich fans need not apply.

It explores wish-fulfillment and a lack of inhibitions.  Each character has a different goal they believe they must achieve before midnight.  The question is, whose shoes do you fall into?  Do you want to gather all your family around you?  Or be left alone?  Engage in nihilistic sex with anyone and everyone?  Or perform one last bit of art for a dying world?

In conclusion: Though I am not a fan of Sandra Oh (sorry, I just don’t buy “love at first sight” with her – and mainly for personality reasons), the rest of the cast is solid.  I mean, David Cronenberg acts in it!  And if you don't know who that is, I feel sad for you.  It’s a Canadian movie, which gives it a slightly unique ambiance.  Unless you’re Canadian, in which case it probably feels normal to you.  Finally, for a film about the destruction of earth and every human… it’s actually quite funny.